Be fire prepared

These tips will give your home the best chance of survival

This guide is no substitute to the warnings issued by your local fire service, they are the professionals you need to listen to them. You can replace a home but not a life. 
Preparation is something that should happen through out the year. Don’t leave your preparation to the last minute it could have dire consequences. 
A well prepared home is easier for you or the local fire fighting department to defend. 
Here are some things to consider as year round jobs. Doing them frequently makes them shorter in time and easier. 
Clean out the leaves, twigs and debris from your gutters. As a reminder, do it at the change of seasons. 

Maintain your property, keep grass short and remove any dead vegetation. Cut back any trees or foliage that hangs over the house. 
Get a roofing professional to Install metal gutter guards.
Maintain your roof by repairing damaged or missing tiles.
Fit seals around doors and windows and if possible, Install fine metal mesh screens on windows and doors.
Cover or repair gaps in outside walls and seal under the house. 
Attach a fire sprinkler system to gutters and have a hose or several hoses that can reach around your house. 
Pools, rainwater tanks and dams are a great source of static water, put a sign up informing the fire department that you have it. These are provided for free from your local fire department, NSW RFS SWS Information page.

Insure your home with adequate levels cover.
This is not a tip to protect your home however in the world of digitisation it might be time to scan your printed photos and save them in an online storage provider like dropbox. They will be protected forever. 

Its bush fire season

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